Video Playback Troubleshooting


To facilitate the ability of making on-the-fly changes to "Key", "Tempo" and "Multiplex Removal" during Video playback, CompuHost utilizes advanced technologies not found in simpler Video Players such as Windows Media Player, which offer no support for such changes.


One such technology is commonly known as "DirectShow". DirectShow enables manipulation of Audio (Key Changes, Multiplex Removal etc.) and Video (Tempo changes etc.) through the use of in-stream components know as "Splitters" and "Filters".


Starting with Windows XP, typical Windows installations come preloaded with the necessary DirectShow "splitters" and "filters" to facilitate playback of native Windows Video formats such as  "AVI", "MPEG" and "WMV". However some formats, most notably the "MP4" format, may require additional or updated splitters and filters to facilitate reliable playback.


ADVICE: The MP4 Video format, although gaining in popularity, is NOT "native" to Windows and therefore may NOT be as reliable as the more common native formats such as "AVI", "MPG", and "WMV". For this reason we highly recommend that when purchasing Karaoke Video files you avoid MP4 files if possible.   


Finally, although the correct splitters and filters may have been installed initially, they may become "corrupted" or "uninstalled" by installing third party applications (NERO products are the WORST!). If you suspect this to be the case, we recommend that you reinstall the applicable "codecs" and "splitters" as needed.


MP4 Capable DirectShow Splitters

Unfortunately, to further complicate matters, numerous "MP4 Capable DirectShow Splitters" are available, each with their own set of issues and potential incompatibilities, depending on the actual video file in question.

Below you'll find links to TWO of the most reliable splitters. Although our testing has proven both to be reliable with the vast majority of video files, we do not endorse or guarantee either.

Choose and visit one of the following links and install the splitter in accordance with the instructions provided by the provider.

(We recommend trying the "AV-Splitter" first, if you continue to encounter issues try the alternate "Haali Media Splitter".)




Haali Media Splitter


DirectShow Video Codecs

As mentioned above, numerous "codecs" (Compressor-Decompressor) are available, each supporting and applicable to a specific format. To clarify, in order to playback a "MP4 H.264" encoded video file you MUST have a compatible "MP4 H.264" codec installed on your computer, if not, you'll encounter an error when attempting to playback the video file.

To simplify the acquisition and installation of the most common codecs we recommend installing the following "Codec Pack".

K-Lite Codec Pack

Windows Media (WMA/WMV) Codecs

Windows comes preloaded with the necessary codecs to facilitate playback of Windows Media Files (WMV/WMA). However these codecs may become corrupted by the installation of third party applications. Therefore, if encountering issues with playback of any of these formats we recommend reinstalling the applicable codecs.

You may obtain the latest Windows Media Codecs by visiting the following link...

Windows Media Codecs