CompuHost is installed on a different computer than my registered copy of FastTracks V2, how do I print my SongBooks?

Simply utilize CompuHost's "Export SongList" feature and FastTracks V2's "Import" feature!

Both applications use a "CSV File", commonly referred to as an "EXPORT" file to communicate data between themselves. By using the "Export SongList" feature in CompuHost, you create the "Export File", move the "Export File" to the computer that you have your REGISTERED copy of FastTracks V2 installed on, and finally use FastTracks V2's "Import" feature to "read" the Export File in.

To do so....

From your "COMPUHOST" computer...

  • Launch CompuHost

  • Click "SongList | Export SongList" from CompuHost's Main Menu.

  • Provide a name and folder location for the export file to be generated

    IMPORTANT! Be sure to remember the file name and location selected above so you may easily locate and transfer the file in the next step.

  • Click "OK"

CompuHost will commence creating the "Export File" utilizing the filename and folder location you've provided. After the "Export File" has been created, the next step is to move it to your "FastTracks V2" computer....


To transfer the "Export File" created above...

  • Locate and Copy the "Export File" created above to a MOVABLE media such as a floppy disc, CDROM, USB Memory Stick etc.

  • Once successfully copied to the movable media, transfer the movable media to the computer you have FastTracks V2 installed on.


From the computer that you have your REGISTERED copy of FastTracks V2 installed on....


  • Launch FastTracks V2 SongBook Creator

  • Click "Start"

  • Open an existing SongBook or Create a New/Empty SongBook.

  • Once the SongBook is open within FastTracks V2, click the "Import CSV File into SongBook" button found on FastTracks V2's button bar. (Sixth button from the left).

  • Locate the "Export File" found on the movable media.

  • Click "Open"

  • FastTracks V2 will analyze the "Export File" for potential conflicts, this will ensure that existing listings are not duplicated within the SongBook.

  • Click "Import Listings"

That's It! FastTracks V2 will commence creating/updating your SongBook!