Transferring Existing FastTracks SongBook(s) to a New/Different Computer

To transfer your existing songbook(s) follow these steps.
  1. On the original system, perform a backup of the SongBook(s)

    • Launch FastTracks V2 SongBook Creator

    • Click "Start"

    • Select the SongBook from the list

    • Click Backup SongBook

    • Select a destination folder for the Backup file. If you are utilizing a floppy disc or another type of removable media, you may select the removable media directly. If not be sure to remember where you are placing the Backup file.

    • A Backup file will be created in the destination folder selected above. It will be named "<SongBook>.bkp" where <SongBook> is the name of your SongBook. As an example, if your SongBook is named "MyBook", you'll find a file "MyBook.bkp" in the destination folder.

  2. If you were not able to place the Backup file directly on a movable media (Floppy, CD, etc.) in Step 2 , copy the backup file created above to the movable media now.

  3. Transfer the movable media (CD, Floppy etc.) to the destination computer.

  4. From the destination computer...

    • Launch FastTracks V2.

    • Click "Start"

    • Click "Restore SongBook"

    • Locate the Backup file on the movable media (Floppy, CD, etc.)

    • Click "OK"

The SongBook will be restored and become available in the Songbooks list.