Troubleshooting a "No ole automation interface" error.


The "No ole automation interface" error indicates that one or more important system components have failed to install and/or register properly while installing CompuHost.

Unfortunately, the cause of the failure may often times be extremely elusive, involving limitless possible causes, from errant "System Protection Utilities" such as Virus Scanners, Registry Protectors etc, to System Registry corruption and finally, malicious applications (Virus, Trojan etc.).

Below you'll find some of the MOST common causes and remedies.


CompuHost installer was not provided the REQUIRED "Elevated" Administrator Privileges during the installation process.

(Some web browsers and/or system protection utilities are known to prevent automatic elevation of administrator privileges as requested by the installer manifest when selecting "RUN" during the download process.)

NOTE: Simply utilizing an "Administrator" User Account does NOT guarantee "Elevated" Administrator Privileges!


Reinstall CompuHost utilizing the steps below (Forces "Elevated" Administrative Privileges)


1. Uninstall CompuHost by selecting "Start->CompuHost Karaoke Hosting Solution->Uninstall CompuHost".

2. IMPORTANT! Before proceeding, temporarily deactivate (or uninstall if temporary deactivation is not possible) ANY and ALL System Protection Utilities such as Virus Scanners, Registry Protectors etc.

(System Protection Utilities are notorious for errantly interfering with advanced software installations.)

3. Download and "SAVE" the applicable CompuHost Installer File from our website, support.html .
IMPORTANT! It's absolutely imperative that you "SAVE" the installer file to your harddrive. Therefore, when prompted with the choice to "RUN" or "SAVE" the file, be sure to select "SAVE". Also be sure to take note of the destination folder to simplify locating the file in the next step.

4. Once downloaded, navigate to the downloaded CompuHost Installer File utilizing Windows File Explorer (Start->Computer).

5. Select and "RIGHT-CLICK" (DON'T DOUBLE-CLICK) the filename, then select "Run as Administrator".

6. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

Once successfully installed, launch CompuHost and test whether the issue has been resolved.


Cause: (Windows Vista, 7 and 8 Users only)
Windows "User Account Control" may be interfering with the installation and registration of the required components.


Disable "User Account Control" and uninstall/reinstall CompuHost.


To disable "User Account Control"
1. Click Start.
2. In the "Search" box enter "Change User Account Control settings".
3. From the selections provided above the "Search" box, select "Change User Account Control settings".
4. Once the dialog opens, select and move the slider all the way down to "Never notify".

5. Click "OK"
6. If prompted, acknowledge acceptance of the change.
7. Restart/reboot your computer.

Reinstall CompuHost by following the steps provided above under the topic "Installation failed to obtain the REQUIRED Elevated Administrator Privileges during the installation process."


A malicious software component (Virus, Trojan etc.) is preventing and/or interfering with the installation.


Unfortunately there's not allot we can offer here since malicious applications (Viruses etc.) are continually evolving, often incorporating never before seen tactics, and thus often impossible to identify, much less rectify. You may wish to perform a Virus scan utilizing a reputable and up-to-date Virus Scanner. However, be sure to disable the Virus Scanner BEFORE attempting to reinstall CompuHost by following the steps provided above under the topic "Installation failed to obtain the REQUIRED Elevated Administrator Privileges during the installation process."


I've done all of the above and the problem still exists.


If all else fails, it may be necessary to perform a FULL reinstall of Windows. You may obtain information related to reinstalling windows by visiting the following link...
Reinstalling Windows