Optimizing Lyrics Display Quality During Ripping

Lyrics display quality can be effected by a number of factors, however the two most frequent contributors to poor and/or scrambled lyrics display are dirty/scratched discs and poor quality CDROM reading device.

To optimize Lyrics Display quality be sure all CD+G discs are CLEAN and SCRATCH FREE before ripping
Computer CDROM drives are FAR more sensitive to smudges, scratches etc., than conventional CD+G audio players. Therefore it is IMPORTANT that you clean the disc(s) before ripping.

Cleaning CD+G

You can clean a dirty/smudged CD+G easily with any on-the-market cleaning kits or basic rubbing alcohol. But avoid using abrasives, solvents, or highly acidic cleansers. And use a soft, lint-free cloth, and wipe gently in a straight line from the center of the disc, out. This will avoid any potential scrapes from interrupting with the circular path of the signal.

Removing Scratches on a CD+G

With scratches, it is not the actual data section of the disc that is damaged; it is the clear coating that protects the data section of the disc that has become damaged. Thus, the scratch is interfering with the path that the laser must travel through to get to the information. To fix this, you can repair the disc by either filling the scratch with an optical material, or polishing down the scratch to remove it. There are many commercial products designed to help you do this, but you can also use a polishing compound, or even toothpaste to get the trick done. Just make sure you do not create any new scratches while you remove the old ones by polishing in straight lines away from the center.

Poor Quality CDROM devices

Although many CDROM drives advertise CD+G ripping capabilities, few due it well. For this reason we highly recommend the Plextor PX-716 (Internal) and PX-716UF (External)
CDROM drives. These drives have exhibited excellent quality and speed, and are the de facto standard among the Karaoke community.