Why does CompuHost V2 incorporate DirectShow and why are DirectShow Codecs, Filters and Splitters so important?

Extensive field research and valued past user feedback has proven that most Karaoke Hosting professionals rightfully expect to have the same "Pitch/Key" and "Tempo" adjustment capabilities during Karaoke Video playback as they've come to rely on during playback of standard CD+G and/or Audio+G files. To accomplish this, CompuHost V2 Hosting Solution was developed to incorporate an advanced Audio/Video related technology formally known as "DirectShow". This exciting technology, when properly configured, offers numerous advantages over that of previous, and less capable technologies found within basic media players such as Windows Media Player, including the aforementioned Pitch/Tempo altering capabilities. (Windows Media Player does NOT provide for Pitch./Tempo alterations in its native state.)

Another important advantage to the DirectShow technology is its inherent ability to "advance" and "adapt" to numerous current, as well as future file encoding formats, accomplished through the use of corresponding "filters" and "splitters". As new, modern, and more advanced encoding formats come along, so do their associated "filters" and "splitters" to facilitate playback of the new format.

Unfortunately this exciting capability to grow and advance into the future also introduces an unfortunate downside. As already mentioned, to properly playback any supported encoding format, a corresponding "Filter" and/or "Splitter" must also be available and properly configured on the system. As an example, to facilitate playback of an "MP4" encoded Video file, you must have a compatible and properly configured MP4 capable "Filter" and "Splitter" installed, likewise with the any of the other formats (AVI, MP3, FLV etc.). By default, Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8) typically comes preinstalled with the needed codecs, filters and splitters of a very limited number of the most common formats, most notably MP3, MPG, AVI and WMA. However countless others are NOT preinstalled, such as the increasingly popular MP4 format, and therefore must be installed and configured by the end user. To further complicate matters, many formally known formats, "MP4" as an example, are further broken down into for simplicity's sake, we'll refer to as "sub-encoding formats" (admittedly not a formal industry term). One common "sub-encoding format" is know as "H.264". Meaning, an "H.264" MP4 encoded video file will require an associated "H.264" MP4 filter and/or splitter for reliable playback. To clarify, while one MP4 file may playback just fine, another may not, since it may be encoded with one of these "sub-encoding formats".

And finally, this "adaptability" through the use of differing "filters" and "splitters" has been further convoluted by the ever expanding availability of "third-party" filters and splitters, many of which may not "get along" with each other.

As may already be apparent, the complexity and seemingly countless combination of codecs, filter and splitters may make it extremely difficult to definitively isolate a DirectShow playback issue, often requiring a "trial and error" approach. However, in an attempt to "clear the waters" a bit, a few "Codec and Filter Packs" have popped up over time, each packaged with a compilation of "supposedly" compatible codecs, filters and splitters. Thankfully, many users have reportedly resolved their issue(s) by installing one or more of these "Codec Packs".

Although we're unable to recommend, endorse or otherwise support any one particular "Codec Pack", the following have received positive reviews...

Combined Community Codec Pack or "CCCP". (Most popular)

K-Lite Codec Pack



Here's another valuable Video related utility...

MediaInfo (Useful in determining the encoding format and required codecs, filters and/or splitters for a particular file.) 





And the MOST common video related question is....

Why does the video file play in Windows Media Player (or another player) but NOT in CompuHost V2?


The answer is simple...

CompuHost V2 utilizes a different technology than that of many basic media players, including Windows Media Player, and therefore should not be compared. This advanced technology, formerly known as "DirectShow" allows CompuHost V2 to offer "Pitch/Key" and "Tempo" adjustments during Karaoke Video playback. Windows Media Player and many others utilize a more basic technology and therefore are incapable of providing for such adjustments. Although Windows Media Player can be configured to utilize DirectShow, it does NOT in its native form and therefore falls back to the basic technology. This "basic" technology, while  admittedly simpler, does NOT provide for advanced on-the-fly video adjustments as typically expected by the Karaoke Hosting professional.