Optimizing CompuHost System Performance

CompuHost is an advanced, modern day, multitasking application that relies on optimum system resources in order to function smoothly. Any process and/or application that utilizes significant system resources may adversely effect CompuHost performance and functionality.

Before proceeding, you must verify that your computer system meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements as required by CompuHost. Click here for Minimum System requirements.

The following recommendations, although NOT all-inclusive, have been found to greatly improve CompuHost performance on some computer systems.


1. Disable File Indexing

file indexing
Huh? The indexing service gets info from files on the hard drive and creates a "searchable keyword index."

This Windows service may, and usually will, launch and begin indexing the files on your system right in the middle of your show, robbing tons of processor resources. This results in a general system slowdown and may cause CompuHost to become sluggish.

How to : From My Computer > right-click on the C: Drive > select Properties.
Uncheck "Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching." Apply changes to "C: sub folders and files," and click OK.

Repeat the above procedure for ALL attached drives, both internal and external. 

2. Clean Up Prefetch, temp, and cache files

clean up hard drive
Huh? Windows stores a lot of temporary files that can be safely cleaned out once a month or so.

How to :  There are several utilities available that automate the "File Cleanup" process, one such utility is "CleanUp!".   Download CleanUp!
How to use CleanUp! : Download, Install, and Run.


3. Install some RAM

install ram
Huh? CompuHost requires a minimum of 512 mb of Ram. This is however a minimum specification. More installed RAM will result in better all around system performance.

How to : Refer to your computer's User's Manual and/or manufactures support resources for information on installing additional RAM.

4. Remove or Disable any Startup Programs

remove unused programs
Huh? Many utilities are installed and configured to automatically launch during system startup. These applications may often rob your system of valuable system resources, resulting in a dramatic slowdown of your system. .

How to : Click "Start" > "All Programs" > "Startup" . Right click on each application shortcut and select "Delete". Repeat for ALL programs found in the "Startup" folder.

Also, some utilities launch at system startup without needing to reside in your "Startup" program folder. These utilities typically offer an option to disable the automatic startup of the utility. Please consult the applicable User's Manual and/or support resources for instructions on disabling the automatic startup of the utility.

5. Disable any Virus, Spyware and Malware Detection Utilities.

remove viruses
Huh? Although the use of Virus, Spyware and Malware utilities is a MUST when "casually" browsing the Internet, they also rob your system of valuable system resources when they're needed most. Even with such utilities the risk of contracting a malicious application while casually* browsing the Internet is very HIGH! For this reason, any casual* Internet browsing from your show computer should be avoided. Save your casual* browsing for your home computer, one that won't SHUT DOWN YOUR SHOW!

How to : Consult the User's Manual and/or support resources of the applicable utility for instructions on disabling and/or removal.

* Connecting to the Internet to download updates/content from a trusted source is typically very safe. However, casually visiting sites you're unfamiliar with should be avoided!