Transferring Karaoke VCD Tracks to your computer storage media (harddrive etc.) and cataloging them into CompuHost V2 for search and playback.

(CompuHost V2 Required)


Karaoke VCD Discs are simply standard CDROM/DVD discs formatted to store "datafiles" in a standard Windows file/folder structure. The VCD Song selections themselves are actually standard MPEG-1 video files, but instead of the usual "MPG" extension, they're named utilizing a "DAT" extension. The process of transferring the individual VCD selections involves simply locating the applicable video files on the VCD disc, copying them to your storage media (harddrive etc.), renaming them to include the necessary information CompuHost V2 needs in order to properly catalog/index the selections, and finally cataloging them within CompuHost V2.


  • Step 1. Copy the VCD selections from a Karaoke VCD Disc to your storage media (harddrive etc.).

    • Insert the Karaoke VCD Disc into your computer CDROM/DVD drive.

    • Open Windows File Explorer (Start->My Computer or Start->Computer) and navigate to the CDROM/DVD drive.

    • You should find several "subfolders" with one of them labeled "MPEGAV".

    • Open the "MPEGAV" folder.

    • Within the "MPEGAV" folder you'll find several "*.DAT" files. These DAT files represent the actual VCD songs.

    • Copy the DAT files to a permanent folder location on your storage media (harddrive etc.). (Example: "\Karaoke VCD Files")


  • Step 2: Rename the DAT files to properly catalog/index within CompuHost V2.

    • Once copied over you'll need to rename each file to correctly identify the file as a MPEG file, and include the necessary cataloging information (Song Title, Artist etc.) into the filename.

      NOTE: Most Karaoke VCD Discs incorporate a "Table of Contents" selection as the first track to facilitate playback in standard VCD players, therefore in most cases, the first file, "MUSIC01.DAT" can be disregarded, with the second file, "MUSIC02.DAT" being the actual FIRST track selection.

    • As an example: "MUSIC02.DAT" could be renamed to something like "BRV01-01 - Houston, Whitney - Exhale.MPG", whereby the original DiscID (BRV01 in this example), original track number, Artist and Title are provided within the filename.

      IMPORTANT: Be sure to include the proper field delimiters such as the "SINGLE DASH" separating the DISCID and TRACK, the "SPACE-DASH-SPACE" separating the Track and Artist, and finally the "SPACE-DASH-SPACE" between the Artist and Title.)

    • Finally be sure to change the "DAT" extension to "MPG".


  • Step 3: Catalog the files into CompuHost V2 as Karaoke Video Files and add them to the searchable Songbase.

    • After properly renaming the files, simply catalog them into CompuHost V2 by following the instructions contained within the built-in Help System (Main Menu->Help->CompuHost Help) under the topic "Getting Started->Indexing/Cataloging Existing Karaoke Content Files".


    That's it, enjoy your new Karaoke VCD selections!