How do I activate CDGRip's AutoNaming Feature without having FastTracks V2 installed on the SAME Computer?

To activate the AutoNaming feature on a computer other than the one you have FastTracks V2 SongBook Creator installed on follow these steps....

From the computer that you have the registered version of FastTracks V2 installed on....

  • Launch FastTracks V2 and perform an AutoUpdate to insure that the SongBase is up to date.
  • After performing the AutoUpdate close FastTracks V2.
  • Locate the following THREE files found in the FastTracks V2 Program Folder (Default: C:\Program Files\FastTracks Plus\)
    • MAIN.TPS
  • COPY (NOT Move) these THREE files to a movable media (Floppy Disc, CDROM etc.)

On the destination computer....

  • Copy the THREE files from the movable media to your CompuHost Program Folder (Default: C:\Program Files\CompuHost)

That's It! Once the THREE files are properly copied into the CompuHost Program Folder of the destination (CompuHost) computer the AutoNaming feature should be activated. Please refer to your CompuHost Users Manual for instructions pertaining to the use of the AutoNaming feature.

You should repeat the above steps after each monthly AutoUpdate to insure that the SongBase remains current on all of your CompuHost systems.