Everything was working great and then...


Most experienced computer users have experienced it.... the seemingly abrupt computer problem that's popped out of nowhere!


Well, let's be frank, if your computer and/or software application has functioned without issue for quite awhile and then suddenly starts experiencing problems, simple "common sense" would dictate that something has obviously changed between the last time you recall everything working fine and when the problem first reared its ugly head.




As with many computer related technical issues, especially those of an erratic or abrupt nature, isolating the cause may be difficult, even for an experienced computer troubleshooter. Typically however, a simple "process of elimination" approach often proves most effective when tackling these mysterious demons.


Below we've provided some simple steps, listed in sequence, to hopefully assist you through this "process of elimination".

  • COMPLETELY SHUTDOWN (POWER OFF) AND RESTART THE COMPUTER. The problem may be of a temporary nature, possibly caused by memory corruption, device initialization issues, exhausted resources, and countless other possibilities.

  • SHUTDOWN ANY AND ALL SYSTEM PROTECTION UTILITIES SUCH AS VIRUS SCANNERS, REGISTRY PROTECTORS ETC. Such utilities are inherently problematic, often interfering with the proper installation and operation of complex software applications.   

  • REINSTALL THE EFFECTED APPLICATION UTILIZING THE SETUP/INSTALLER PROVIDED WITH THE APPLICATION. If the problem appears to be isolated to one particular software application, it's quite possible that an important program component has been rendered inoperable or unreliable, possibly caused by the installation of other incompatible software applications and/or updates. Reinstalling the application may repair and/or reinstall the effected components.

    • IMPORTANT! SHUTDOWN ANY VIRUS SCANNERS OR SYSTEM PROTECTION  UTILITIES PRIOR TO REINSTALLING THE APPLICATION! Many errant Virus Scanners and/or System Protection Utilities have been known to interfere with the proper installation of complex software applications.

  • THINK BACK! WHAT HAS OCCURRED WITH THE COMPUTER SINCE THE LAST TIME YOU RECALL THE APPLICATION FUNCTIONING CORRECTLY? Please don't make the mistake of summarily jumping to "NOTHING"! Again, simple common sense would dictate that "SOMETHING" has obviously changed. It's possible that you may simply be forgetting or dismissing something as unimportant or irrelevant, but when it comes to computer related technical issues, everything is potentially important.

    • Have you installed ANY other software, even just a Demo? If so, try uninstalling it, it's quite possible that the newly installed application has "stepped on" important program components required by a previously installed application. After uninstalling the newly installed application, you may need to also reinstall the application experiencing the issue since some important program components may need to be "repaired" or "replaced".

    • Are you aware of any software updates that have occurred? Again, some software updates have been known to "break" other installed applications. Try reinstalling the application experiencing the issue, hopefully any "broken" components will be repaired and/or replaced during reinstallation.

    • You may wish to perform a "System Rollback or Restore". Sometimes its beneficial to perform a System Restore back to a time you recall the application functioning correctly.

Click here for assistance with performing a System Restore

  • HAVE YOU BEEN CASUALLY BROWSING THE WEB OR OPENED AN EMAIL ATTACHMENT THAT MAY HAVE INFECTED YOUR COMPUTER? Please be reminded that although the Internet is admittedly a vast and fascinating resource, it's also a potentially hazardous environment for any computer, especially one you depend on. There are countless, seemingly harmless and innocent appearing websites known to be distributing malicious and virus laden software, especially those that facilitate "File Sharing" or distribute illegally pirated and/or hacked third party applications. In addition, many viruses are distributed as simple email attachments. Obviously the first line of defense would be avoiding the Internet entirely. However, if it's absolutely necessary to use the Internet, possibly to obtain application updates, renew subscriptions, obtain legal content etc., then at least keep your "browsing" to a minimum, visiting only those websites that you're familiar with and trust, and NEVER open any email attachment until you've verified the source!

    • Is your computer infected with a virus or otherwise malicious application? It's possible that a newly acquired virus or malicious application has infected your computer and reeking havoc, often the cause of erratic shutdowns, crashes, and abrupt or erratic technical issues. You may wish to perform a virus scan using a proven and reliable Virus Scanner, however once completed, we'd recommend disabling it when not needed.

  • FINALLY, AND WE'VE PURPOSELY LEFT THIS FOR LAST, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOUR COMPUTER WAS COMPLETELY RESTORED BACK TO ORIGINAL? Admittedly, the idea of fully restoring any computer is daunting, and typically left as a very last resort, however it's often quite rewarding in terms of computer reliability and performance, and possibly the most effective and time-saving method of eradicating hard to find technical problems.